Patrick O’Hearn Discography

This is to assist those who enjoy the music of Patrick O’Hearn and would like a comprehensive listing of all his solo work, inclusive of material not appearing on his solo albums. Much of Patrick’s soundtrack music has never been released other than in the film.



1. Ancient Dreams (1985)
2. Between Two Worlds (1987)
3. Rivers Gonna Rise (1988)
4. Eldorado (1989)
5. Indigo (1991)
6. Trust (1995)
7. Metaphor (1996)
8. So Flows the Current (2001)
9. Beautiful World (2003)
10. Slow Time (2005)
11. The So Flows Sessions (2006)
12. Glaciation (2007)
13. Transitions (2011)


( 6 Feature Films, 3 TV Movies, 1 Stage Play, 1 Short Film, 1 TV Series )

1. Destroyer (1988) Movie Soundtrack – Unreleased
2. Falcon Crest : Season Nine (1989-90) TV Series Soundtrack – Unreleased
3. Heaven is a Playground (1991) Movie Soundtrack – Unreleased
4. White Sands (1992) Movie Soundtrack
5. Silent Tongue (1993) Movie Soundtrack – Unreleased
6. Father Hood (1993) Movie Soundtrack – Unreleased
7. As Good as Dead (1995) TV Movie Soundtrack – Unreleased
8. Crying Freeman (1996) Movie Soundtrack  (Film released in 1995)
9. Alien Cargo (1999) TV Movie Soundtrack – Unreleased
10. Border Patrol (2001) TV Movie Soundtrack – Unreleased
11. The Wheelhouse (2006) Short Film Soundtrack
12. Simpatico (2006) Stage Play Soundtrack – Originally Recorded in 1994, when the Play was staged, with some additional recording in 2006.



1, 2, 3.  Down Hill Racer / Irene / Step
Three tracks recorded in 1988/89, and newly released in 1992 on the compilation album The Private Music of Patrick O’Hearn.

4. 35th Parallel (1998)
Twelve minute track, on the 5-Artist album The Ambient Expanse.

5. Prelude from Cello Suite No.1 (2000)
Cover version of a composition by Johann Sebastian Bach, included on the Various Artists album A Different Prelude: A Contemporary Collection (2000).

6. Beauty in Darkness (2002)
New version of a track originally on Patrick’s 1985 debut solo album Ancient Dreams, recorded for the film Timeless: A National Parks Odyssey, which was released on DVD in 2002, and the accompanying CD was released in 2008. Great version.

7. Adagio from Fantasy for a Gentleman (2003)
Cover version of a composition by Joaquín Rodrigo, specifically, the Españoleta from the second movement of Fantasia Para Un Gentilhombre. Patrick O’Hearn’s version is included on the Various Artists album Adagio: A Windham Hill Collection (2003) and later on Sundown: Windham Hill Piano Collection (2006). Patrick O’Hearn’s great arrangement is very much in the atmospheric style of his own compositions.

8. Out of Reach (2013) with Peter Maunu
Nashville Indie Spotlight is a Various Artists album, with one new track by Patrick O’Hearn and Peter Maunu titled Out of Reach. It is a slow, atmospheric and beautiful blend of acoustic guitar, double bass and keyboards.


Three of the albums above have been released digitally on iTunes, and not on CD. They are The So Flows Sessions, The Wheelhouse, and Simpatico, all released in 2006. The So Flows Sessions warrants special commentary. The material was recorded as part of the sessions for So Flows the Current between 1997-2000. When there are outtakes from an album’s recording sessions, normally two things apply : 1, there are only one or two extra tracks, and 2, they are not usually great in quality. On The So Flows Sessions, neither of these conditions occur. Firstly, there is a whole album’s worth of additional songs, and secondly, the standard is very high and it stands up as a strong album in its own right.

Patrick O’Hearn’s music was also used in the soundtracks for the films Ice Bears of the Beaufort (2009) and NokotaHeart (2011), but these consist of existing Patrick O’Hearn tracks, rather than new music.

In 1990, Private Music, Patrick’s record label at the time, released an album of techno remixes named Mix-Up, which was not popular with critics and fans, and remains long out of print. The album was the brainchild of the A&R department of Private Music and was released without Patrick knowing about it. He had agreed to allow some remixes of his material to be experimented with in European dance clubs, and the first he knew of the album’s release was when it was in the stores. The versions of the tracks are vastly different from what Patrick had originally produced. This, combined with the fact that he didn’t know about the album’s release, makes it unusual that Private Music billed the album as a Patrick O’Hearn album.



Patrick O’Hearn’s first five albums from Ancient Dreams to Indigo were released on the Private Music record label. As Patrick’s tenure with Private Music was ending, a compilation album representing their years together was released in 1992, titled The Private Music of Patrick O’Hearn. This album included three previously unreleased tracks titled “Down Hill Racer”, “Irene”, and “Step”.

Later, the Windham Hill label bought Private Music, and in 1997 another compilation was issued titled A Windham Hill Retrospective. Despite the fact that The Private Music of Patrick O’Hearn has great album cover artwork, and also has three previously unreleased tracks, in this writer’s view, A Windham Hill Retrospective is a far superior compilation album to the first Private Music one.

In 2002 cinematographer David Fortney made a visual documentary film named Timeless : A National Parks Odyssey, which has Patrick O’Hearn music as the soundtrack. This collaboration was due to the fact that David Fortney and Patrick O’Hearn admire each other’s work, and the resulting film is quite brilliant, and is available on DVD. In 2008 a companion CD was also issued, even though it’s only partly the soundtrack to the film.



In 1980 Patrick O’Hearn was in a group with Mark Isham and Peter Maunu called Group 87. Their self-titled debut album, released in 1980, has a track called “Frontiers : 1856”. On Patrick’s 2011 solo album Transitions, the last track is “Frontiers Revisited”, which is well titled, because that’s exactly what it is : a remake of the song “Frontiers : 1856”, which Patrick wrote.

On the Trust album, there is a track named “The Lone Man”. In the movie Silent Tongue, which Patrick composed the soundtrack for, there is a character credited as The Lone Man. At one point, the music that commences the track The Lone Man (from Trust) can be heard very briefly during the film. This suggests that Patrick has taken that initial piece of music in the film, and expanded it into a full track for the Trust album. Silent Tongue was made in 1992 and released in 1993, and Patrick would have been working on the material for Trust sometime between 1991 and 1995, so the timing fits.



1. Destroyer (1988) Movie – on Blu-ray in a Double Feature with Edge of Sanity. Also on VHS
2. Falcon Crest : Season Nine (1989-90) TV Series – Unavailable
3. Heaven is a Playground (1991) Movie – on DVD
4. White Sands (1992) Movie – on DVD
5. Silent Tongue (1993) Movie – on DVD
6. Father Hood (1993) Movie – on DVD
7. As Good as Dead (1995) TV Movie – on VHS
8. Crying Freeman (1995) Movie – on DVD
9. Alien Cargo (1999) TV Movie – on VHS
10. Border Patrol (2001) TV Movie – on VHS
11. The Wheelhouse (2006) Short Film – on You Tube
12. Simpatico (1994) Stage Play Only



6 responses

  1. Peter IV

    Amazing information for a serious long time fan such as myself. Do you know if Patrick is working on anything new. He seems to be off the radar. Do you know what he is up to these days?

    November 11, 2015 at 12:04 am

    • Hi Peter. No, I don’t know what Patrick is currently working on, as I haven’t heard anything regarding his musical projects. I’m also a long time fan of Patrick’s music, and am very glad that you found the information on this page helpful. Cheers, Michael.

      November 11, 2015 at 12:59 am

  2. Peter

    What is the best way to find out what Patrick would be up to…

    February 16, 2016 at 9:05 pm

  3. Travis

    Where does the album “Another Time/Another Place” fit into Patrick O’Hearn’s discography? He is a co-producer, listed as a “featuring” musician, but the album is labeled as a Dan Sigel release.

    January 10, 2018 at 11:55 pm

    • Yes indeed Travis, “Another Time / Another Place” is a Dan Siegel album and not a Patrick O’Hearn album. Patrick O’Hearn co-produced it with Dan Siegel, played on the album, and also wrote three of the songs.

      January 11, 2018 at 6:18 am

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